Due to the new books, and distractions, I have been neglecting the website. I will getting back to this side of my life tonight. 
"It is finally time we placed a higher priority on saving life vs. taking it. Use our technology to save what is left of our mother."

One key to happiness: lose weight / perfect body

We live in a society where people take a stand against bullies. We teach our children not to be one. Accept people for who they are. Discrimination and prejudice are, finally, taking center stage; at least for a few moments. A generation trying to unite against what is wrong with the world. Cliches and words that have meaning. Inspire us to to something good and try to make changes. Now that I have your attention, the other side of it.

Look at the media. We are constantly being bombarded with ads saying you are not good enough. You have to change the way you look, think or feel. Obesity is my first subject here.

I see infomercials telling us how to lose weight. The latest, greatest diets are all over the place. Surgery for weight loss and "body sculpting" are becoming more and more popular. The "perfect" bodies are displayed in these ads. People having fun and enjoying life. Testimonials on how before a female was a size 2 or 3 they were so unhappy. Men, who are muscular, surrounded by beautiful women. As I am writing this article, a commercial is on about losing weight. The commercial did not suggest if you are not happy, lose the weight. It asked why would you not want to? My guess: you may be happy with the way you look. Just a quick thought here. Here is another thought: what about people who want / need to gain weight? I am taking this from personal experience. I am about 145 lbs. Have a hard time gaining weight. Where are all the ads for people like me? Where are all the latest weight gaining crazes? Oh, and another thing, for me to have the "perfect" body, I would also need surgery. Having no muscle on the right side of my chest, I guess that will not be possible. Oh well, according to ads and our society, I will be alone and ignored. Instead of being accepted for what is below the surface, I am only looked at for physical appearances. I am screwed in this area. Sucks to me. I included the last few sentences to make the point.

Here is a suggestion: watch the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Vince Vaughn has a gym called Average Joe's. One of the points is about being happy with who you are and the way you look. Even though the movie is a comedy, it makes some great points about our society and advertisements.

Appearances are very important. The way a person looks is only a small part of their life. It takes a lot more than the exterior to be happy in your life. This leads me to my next point, pop a pill, be happy! That is for another article.

No, I am not going to mention, specific, ads here. I am not going to give them extra promotion. 
After almost a year, I am finally using hashtags on twitter. Experimenting with the right ones to use, but learning.
A perfect day for writing: chilly and snowing again.
Usual Sunday. Running behind by about 2 hours. I planned this one to be a catch up day.
I have figured out the solution to the world's problems. It is very simple. Eliminate one, basic, factor from the equation: The human species.
I just came across the first website I created. Looking through it and some old links I am reminded of one thing. Some memories are best left in the past.....
Once again, I have been reminded why I keep this side of my life so well guarded. Letting people in is the only risk I am never willing to take.




"Life gives us three, basic, choices: 1) Deal with it. 2) Change it. 3) Leave it.