I am starting to seriously focus on the writing, both sides. Trying to get caught up tonight from the past 2 days.
Food and sleep have officially made the bottom of my list.
One step closer to having the life completely organized: Hubpages done! After I finished Facebook and my laptop, I realized I need to look at every part of my life. I really needed to look at certain websites and figure out how to organize and improve. This site is next followed b
I agree with all the talk about stronger gun control and laws. No one is addressing the main problem: Get the guns off the street. It's easy to attack the simple solution to a problem. If someone can not buy a gun in a store / shop, get one illegally.
I am, finally, getting my entire life organized and slightly simplified. First up was Facebook. Laptop was knocked out next. Working on Pintrest right now. Next: Hubpages. I did not realize how chaotic I let things get last year.
Like almost every project and I idea I have. This website is taking on a life of it's own. hat started as something simple and basic has already evolved during the design phase. Even the some of the smallest changes are affecting the entire site. Like everything in life: