Due to the new books, and distractions, I have been neglecting the website. I will getting back to this side of my life tonight. 
"It is finally time we placed a higher priority on saving life vs. taking it. Use our technology to save what is left of our mother."
I have figured out the solution to the world's problems. It is very simple. Eliminate one, basic, factor from the equation: The human species.
I just came across the first website I created. Looking through it and some old links I am reminded of one thing. Some memories are best left in the past.....
Once again, I have been reminded why I keep this side of my life so well guarded. Letting people in is the only risk I am never willing to take.




"Life gives us three, basic, choices: 1) Deal with it. 2) Change it. 3) Leave it.
My third winter in the Lehigh Valley, Pa area. This is the time for her creatures to rest and rejuvenate. The circle of life / death completing and re-starting. The beauty of a white blanket covering imperfections made by her creatures (humans).

A cemetary is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places during a snowfall. Even one that borders a major road is quiet at night. The reminders of those laid to rest, almost covered in warmth and safety. At night, their spirits, almost visible in the white light of nature's warm embrace.

In contrast, the almost unnatural piles of snow created by our machines and other devices. The mechanical sounds of scraping to clear our roads. The varied, almost harmonious, scrape and occasional thud of a person clearing the unnatural walkways. A neccessary process to keep some of her creatures safe. A species she created to guard, protect and care for all of her other children.
Looking closely at both, the natural and created, the beauty can be missed. Like clouds, stepping back, we can see shapes form. The beauty of both is then realized and appreciated. The night is where you can truly see it. When the machines have slowed or stopped, the silence like a constant noise. Go out, take a short walk, look around. The combination of where the blanket is and is not forms a painting no human could duplicate. The chaotic storm and removal leaves us with a peace that is hard to equal.
I seriously have to laugh at this one. Apparently, the Lehigh Valley Pa areas has a lot of writers. I was told most of them are very good. I recently had a conversation with someone about this. I gave her several suggestions and even offered to have a class / lecture. I am not an expert by a long shot. I am always learning from experience.

I told her, unlike the arts and music scene, there is no place for people to go other than open mic nights. With the exception of one or two coffee shops, there are no weekly or bi-weekly open mics. There are no places for people to hear the writers. Unlike local bands who do shows regularly. Art galleries where people can see local artists every day. Another question I had was how many have published? By published, I explained can they be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Self-publish if they choose. She said they have to organize. I agree to a point. Organizing will not bring people's attention to them. I informed her, on the author side, I go beyond the Lehigh Valley. From experience, with one exception, the local media has no interest in self-published authors. 

The last, consistent, event for writers was Word Wednesday, last year. Word Wednesday did draw a crowd. I found one or two great writers / poets there.

Here is what some people on the writing scene do not realize. The bands, artists, art galleries bust their asses on self-promotion. How many local writers do the same thing? Believe me, you can do it for free, easily.

Another thing certain people do not realize is they screwed themselves to a point. Even if it's only sharing and retweets, I promote other authors, musicians, artists, galleries, etc. Last year, I did seriously consider trying to help get the local writing scene on the map. I also realized this is a fairly closed clique. I also realized that people who organize events for writers are not serious about helping them. Otherwise, they would welcome all assistance with open arms.

Oh, the response to my suggestion about having a class / lecture? I was told to contact other people. When event organizers realize they do need help and acknowledge everyone on some level, I will do everything I can to support the local writing scene. Until that point: music, art, authors, businesses, events, my projects are top priority.
I am starting to seriously focus on the writing, both sides. Trying to get caught up tonight from the past 2 days.
Food and sleep have officially made the bottom of my list.