Weekend Wrap-Up: Lehigh Valley Arts

Friday, I stopped by the Allentown Art Works for the Elvis Birthday celebration. The paintings were not the traditional realism. The artists did a good job on various interpretations. Elvis is not the only musician featured in the exhibit.

Event turnout was high with people asking the artists questions. This is always one part of local openings that I love. The ability to meet and interact with the artists. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos or video from this one. But, here is the link to check out more info on it:

The exhibit featured art and photos from an improvement project in Easton. I thought this was different and cool because it gave a different perspective to something that is a pain in the ass: road construction.

The art and photography is excellent. Art ranged from various styles of painting to pencil. The setup showed off each piece and artist. When you first walk in, your attention is drawn in several areas due to contrast in styles and frame sizes. In other words, there is good a mix of flow and individuality. The opening had a more upscale feel to it. There was a variety of food and drink. 

I included a quick video of the crowd. Check out more Pics.