"Every, single, person is a writer. All you need to do is have a conversation. Every day of your life is another page written in a story." - Michael Phoenix.
I have given this serious thought over the past few months. On both sides of my writing, author and journalist, I could care less how many awards I win. There are a few reasons why I do.

I realize awards mean recognition, either by readers or peers. To me, they are just another line on a resume. Most awards are nothing but popularity contests. Some just prove how much ass kissing a person can do. Especially on the internet, there are so many awards a writer can win. Major publications / organizations down to individual bloggers have them. Not all are based on a specific criteria. Some are just created for the person / organization to get noticed. At worst, to satisfy a person's ego. Example: "Hey, check this out. I am giving out awards in these categories. I have no, established, criteria. I really do not have any valuable content. I have awards for writers." This is an extreme example, but, it does exist.

I do not blame writers for trying to get any award. For new writers / authors it could mean increased sales and exposure. For writers who want to make it their career / life, it could backfire in the long run. A long list of awards does not always mean you are a great writer. Popularity does not always equal quality. By popularity, I mean amount of awards received; not feedback and reviews.

At best, I try for reviews and interviews. Interviews I enjoy because they help me explain my writing. Another reason: some of the questions asked make me look at my writing from a different angle / perspective. Reviews is fairly obvious. What the readers think of my book or article.

If I ever win any awards, would I turn them down? Honestly, it would depend on the person / organization. If they are established and very credible, no. If they are not credible, yes. This would be open to my interpretation and research.

Do I enter contests and kiss ass for them? No. I admit to trying to kiss the local media's ass for an interview. I did get one without doing that. I did get an interview from another author / blogger. Every contest I would enter takes time away from writing and other projects.

I also admit to being guilty of planning awards at the end of this year. There will be only a few categories. I am calling this "honors". I know the terms are synonyms. There are differences. The "honors" I am planning will be based on my criteria which I will post. They will also be based on what I have experienced. Right now, music / humanitarian / writers will be my main categories. My, end of year, "honors" will not be a popularity contest. I do not care how much of a following someone has. Yes, I am guilty of what I have stated in the this article. I also realize authors / writers / musicians may not take it seriously. I do not expect anyone to. I want to give recognition to people I feel deserve it. I will not be doing for my own ego or site views by a long shot.

Yeah, I did think about starting an e-zine (magazine in ebook format). I had a few suggestions on the local side. Both local and beyond are over-saturated with publications. I do think about writing from both sides: The writer and publisher.

Feel free to leave comments and disagree with me.