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Tapas is a local, Spanish Restaurant. For this Happy Hour, Brian Panella wanted to really light the place up for the evening!!!

I have walked past Tapas countless times when I am in Bethlehem. It has been on my list of places to check out. The happy hour gave me a perfect reason to stop by. I am very glad I did. I really didn't know what to expect.

When I walked in, the place was busy. Tapas is split into two sections, a dining room and main bar area. I was in the main bar area.

Atmosphere: Tapas is a very relaxing place to go. It has a cross between an upscale restaurant and slightly historical feel. When I say upscale, I mean low light, low key feel. In comparison to a sports bar / typical family restaurant.

Food: I admit to never trying or hearing of tapas before I stopped by here. They had a few on the specials menu, figured why Not? I am always open to trying new things. If you want to know what I had, see the photo. Yes, the food is very high quality and excellent taste!

Service: Sitting at the bar, I had a great view to observe the service level customers were receiving. The entire staff works hard to provide an excellent level of service. Bartenders, waitresses and manager were checking on customers, serving food and answering any questions. Yes, I did have a few. They were very helpful with suggestions on food. Like I said, first time for everything! There was not lag time in service, even though the bar was busy.

Employee Interaction: No complaints here. The staff joked around with each other. Bartenders were not bumping into another. I did not observe any attitudes or tension between the staff.

Overall Recommendation: Even if you have never heard of tapas (food), stop in here! You will find the combination of food / atmosphere / service, a welcome break and escape from your day. Place Tapas (restaurant), high on your list if you are in the Lehigh Valley. Stop in. Say hi. Try the drinks (alcohol / non-alcohol). Try some new food. You never know, this may become a regular stop.

Will I be back: Yes! For all the reasons I have stated. Thanks to Brian and the staff at Tapas. To the staff: You made a great / first-time impression on this journalist.

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