Baseball and Music

Date: 04/08/13
Place: Coca Cola Park / Lehigh Valley Ironpigs Stadium

Quick Introduction

The Ironpigs had a home game. Kinetic Blu had a set before the game. Slightly unusual combination. Another one that shows the American spirit. For the low ticket price: arrive early, instead of just sitting down / walking around, check out some local music.

I know Brian Kibler and Jordan White from other bands they have. Brian informed me their band, Kinetic Blu, was re-formed and this would be their first show. No way in hell was I going to miss it! I have been to several Ironpigs games last year. First one for the 2014 season.

Due to the show only being one set, I will not use the normal criteria. I will give you a quick rundown of the layout / music / crowd interaction / crowd response / technical.
The stage is set perfectly, right at the main entrance just off to the right. When people walk in, the first thing noticed is the band. Second thing, food!

Kinetic Blu:
Overall, the band was above average. Especially with the consistent technical problems they faced.

Music was average with a good variety including: Walk This Way, Mr. Jones, Beat It, Knockin' On Heaven's Door. The pace ranged from fast to slower. High Points included: Walk This Way, Another One Bites The Dust. Lowest Point: The completely killed Beat It. The song was the lowest point of the show.

Crowd Interaction was good. The band played to the crowd and people walking in. A few jokes were made about the occasional bubble clouds floating past and the weather. Clouds were starting to replace the sun.

Crowd Response was good at first. Hey, people were there to see a baseball game. The closer to game time it was, the less people paid attention to the band. I looked around several times. Even some people standing in line for food were paying attention.

Technical was a serious problem. Feedback and other problems were a major issue. Here is where band showed they could overcome problems. They played and sang through everything. Adjustments made during the show did not affect their performance. Frustration was seen on their faces at times. I really do not blame them for it. I would not hold that against any band dealing with a constant technical headache. Like I said, they played through it, made adjustments and did their best.


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