Waiting to see new profile / professional photos I had taken last night. Sheri Bayne, one of the best local photographers, did the shoot. I had no problem working with her. Before the shoot, we had a conversation about what I wanted in the photos. From the samples I looked at, she captured it. Sheri knew what poses to place me in. I was looking for some basic photos. She went beyond expectations. Sheri is very professional and had no problem working the 30 degree temperature. Even laying down on the sidewalk to get the perfect shot. I would easily recommend her to anyone. Her professionalism and personality were excellent. What really impressed me was her attention to what I was looking for. This was my first time working with a professional photographer for profile photos. I will have no problem working with Sheri Bayne again. Believe me, when it comes to photos that will be on profiles and future book, I am very specific and a real prick regarding what I look for. I will be doing a full review and interviewing Sheri in an upcoming article on hubpages. Check out her website: http://www.sheribaynephotography.com/

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