This was Easton School of Rock's first show in 2013. I attended the one at Pitcher's Sports Bar in Allentown, Pa. Like every show I have by these young musicians, I did not regret it. I will not do a full review. Due to the exceptional performance, I want to hit a few points.

The main words I can use to describe are: phenomenal and unreal at points. Like the Modern Rock show (Allentown SOR 1/5/13), this was refreshing and different. The students are proving they have a full understanding of music and performing. The stage show was very good. In between songs, someone interacted with crowd and joked with other band members. During songs, the students had very good interaction with movement. At points, I could they felt the music by their actions. 

The music was modern in decade and genre. Most shows I have seen by School of Rock were classic rock. This one: mainly alternative.

There were several music and stage show highlights for me. The two main ones: Rapture by Blondie and No Sleep Til Brooklyn by the Beastie Boys. The performance's greatest part and highest point was the finale.

When all of the students and staff was on stage, Albie Monterrosa (instructor) announced he was leaving School of Rock. The way he thanked the students, staff and parents for support was from the heart and not scripted in the slightest. The students returned the gratitude, again, from the heart and unscripted. Last year, I had a chance to meet Albie and see the way he teaches. His interaction with students is something any teacher could take lessons from. I could not think of any better way to end this or most performances.

Here are the two, main, music highlights. (Sorry for the low-quality, I was down to the camera on my phone.) More photos and video.


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