Last night, for the second time, I was on a TV show. The first was earlier this year: an interview on RCN's Community Spotlight. This one was different. Internet TV and live.

The Lehigh Valley Coffee Party has a weekly show from Prolifick Studios in Allentown, Pa. Robert Trotner and Lou Shupe are the show's co-hosts. I had an idea to interview them about the Coffee Party. So much for that idea. After Robert's opening comments, I could not resist making a few.

Along with my original plan of doing the interview, I figured to be on for about 1/2 hour. They had no problem with me sticking around. So, I naturally joined in the conversations.

I have had a lifelong case of stage phobia. Always staying back in the shadows. This helps with being a journalist / author / writer. Naturally observing people and what is going on. I have found out that experiencing what you write about, from the 1st person, is the best way to write.

If you do have a case of stage fright, the best thing to do is get up in front of an audience. I don't care if it is karaoke or radio / tv show. Live, recorded / internet or local, it does not matter. Forget there are people watching. Just do what you are there to accomplish. Talk, sing, act, speak or whatever. Remember: everyone watching / listening to you are just people. You have the guts to do what a lot of people do not.

Thanks to Robert and Lou for the chance to co-host. I really had a great time!

Check out how I did and the other Lehigh Valley Coffee Party shows. The topics are not limited to the Lehigh Valley, Pa area:

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