On 04/0/13, State Representative Mike Schlossberg did an interview with Robert Trotner of the Lehigh Valley Coffee Party Movement. The interview was part of the Coffee Party's weekly show: East Meets West 2.0. The place was Hava Java on 19th st. in Allentown, Pa. The show airs live on internet radio.

I did not attend as a member of the Coffee Party. I attended as a journalist curious about the show. I am not a political expert or intend to be a political journalist. The show and Coffee Party has my curiosity.

What I found interesting about the event was the public was invited to attend. A few people did show up.

I, initially, thought people would only be able to observe the interview. Turned out, I was wrong. In addition to people online, everyone was invited to participate. A few, myself included, accepted the invitation.

This was the first time I met a state representative. I was surprised. Mike was very friendly and relaxed. He welcomed questions and answered them in a friendly / professional manner. A few, I could tell he was not able to comment on. The main topic was about voting, but, the questions did stray. Danielle, the owner of Hava Java, challenged Mike on a few issues. Both were very respectful towards the other.

Normally, I just stay back and observe. I could not resist this one. I asked Mike what reason people would have to believe in politicians again. I realize a lot of people do believe in them. The number who do not is greater. Mike did answer the question to a point.

The impressive thing about this event was the relaxed atmosphere. It was not a standard, formal setting. Mike was dressed casual / formal. Mike made a very good impression on this journalist who is considering writing about politics.

Robert did a very good job on the interview. Asking questions while allowing others to interrupt. A personal Thank You to representative Schlossberg for taking his time. I am glad to have been there.

Hava Java provided sandwiches at the interview's end. The food was excellent!

Note: I did refer to the video for a quick memory refresh.
Check the video: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31124881

More information:
Lehigh Valley Coffee Party Movement: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lehigh-Valley-Coffee-Party-Movement/283056258424856
Mike Schlossberg: http://www.facebook.com/RepSchlossberg?fref=ts
Hava Java: http://www.facebook.com/havajcafe

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