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Tangles is a hair Salon and Spa located at 2414 Butler St. I decided to stop by after receiving an invite to the event. The re-grand opening sounded interesting. I always look for new things to write about. The event started at 4. I arrived a little after 6. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I will not be doing a full review. I will save that one for a few weeks. The review will be done when I have an appointment. Usual intro. done, time for a quick overview.

Looking at the event on Facebook, I expected a fairly good turnout. Well, that was an understatement. 
When I walked in my first thought: "Is this a business opening or art exhibit?" I will get to the art exhibit part shortly. Tangles was packed. I wanted to get an overall feel for the salon. I, slowly, navigated my way around. The overall look was modern and somewhat artistic. Ceiling lights are hung on a curved rail going around the main styling area. Mirrors for each station have curved edges. Impressed so far with combining a traditional salon with a modern, artistic flair. Two other rooms are set off to the left and right. The front or main desk / waiting area is one. The other is hair dryers (See Professional Note). Both areas have seats for anyone waiting.

Due to time constraints and crowd, I did not have a chance to speak with any of the staff. I did observe they were very friendly and professional. I noticed people asking questions which they gladly answered. I know, everyone expects that at an opening. Not every opening has genuine enthusiasm and professionalism by it's staff. Yes, I can pick off people being real vs. fake. Trust me on this one. Overall feel and staff covered. Art exhibit opening, closing comments round this one out.

The thought of being at an exhibit opening has a few reasons. Champagne and food were one, providing a more upscale feel to the event. Food samples were Carrabba's. Add that restaurant to my list. The overall layout of Tangles is another reason. I mentioned the mirrors and lights. A window with waterfall caught my attention.

Closing Comments: Everyone there appeared to enjoy themselves. I spoke with a few people. They were impressed with Tangles, not just the event but the salon and staff. I noticed at least one appointment was made. There will be two more articles on Tangles Salon & Spa. Next up, I will try to meet with the owner and speak with some of the staff. Last one: review while having a styling appointment.


Professional Note: I am not an expert on Salons by a long shot! I go in, tell the stylist what I want. Let her work the magic, pay and leave. Like other categories I review, there are specific points I look for. Hair salons are no different.

 I want to apologize for not speaking with the staff in this quick review. I try to make interaction a major part of every review I write. Giving you a good feel for any business and it's staff is very important to me. I will post more photos in the next two articles / reviews. As always, comments are always welcome! Thanks for reading this. :)


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