I wanted to do a quick mention here. The diner closes at 2 a.m. on Saturday nights.

Walking back from the Maingate, I was hungry. Forgetting that almost everything on the east side was either closed or closing, including Wawa; I ended up at Top Diner. I want to mention a  stupid attempt at walking through Wendy's drive through.

I arrived at 1:45. When I walked in, I asked the manager if it was too late, I just wanted a quick breakfast. With a friendly greeting he informed me they were closing in 10 minutes, but it would not be a problem.

I sat at the counter and the order was taken: 2 eggs, homefries and toast. Due to not wanting to hold them up from closing, I declined coffee.

The service was excellent and very friendly. I could tell they were closing but was not rushed to leave.

Excellent job to everyone tonight! My compliments. :)

john keston
01/07/2014 8:34pm

i ordered veal parm and i could swear it tasted and looked like pork, nice and i was being charged for vea! WTF


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